Yes, this is a story of a girl, but I’m not crying a river or drowning the whole world…so you don’t have to worry. (In case you did not catch my irony, I am referring to the song “Absolutely” by artist Nine Days.)

My name is Kiersten Thompson,  I am 22 years old and I am from Centennial, Colorado. I currently  attend Brigham Young University- Idaho, studying Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations. I am very family oriented, being the youngest of seven children and I have a sort of Gilmore Girl-ish relationship with my mom. I am a music junkie, and can be found 90% of the time listening to or talking about my passion for bands and artists. I love fashion and the freedom it allows me to express my creativity. I recently found a love for Astronomy and I am a lover of fine cuisine, such as pizza & Dr. Pepper.