Photobook: 13A

I have loved Comm 300. What an awesome experience I have had being able to express myself in a different way than I am used too. I am not going to lie, this class has been quite challenging and out of my comfort zone, but I feel very accomplished for the things that I have done and learned. I tried to push myself and I am proud of my final work.

My Photobook turned out exactly how I wanted it and I am so happy with the simple and clean aspect of design that I wanted to portray. It was so fun being able to design the book and showcase my photography.


Kiersten ThompsonCoverFront

Kiersten Thompsonphotobook preview2


Fine Art Print

This is the photo that I have chosen for my fine art print. I took this photo while in Bannock, Montana and it instantly became my favorite photo that I’ve taken this semester! I love the composition as well as the clouds that are visible through the window! I made a few edits with this particular photo in both Photoshop and Lightroom. ┬áThere were a few spots inside the window that peered inside this particular cabin, I thought they detracted from the photo, so I edited them out using the lasso tool as well as the Spot Healing Brush. I then edited the vibrance (in Lightroom) of the colors inside the window pane to give it more of a contrast of color and added some clarity to this photo as well. I chose this photo because It is my favorite shot, but also because I could see it being used in my parents house and I am so excited to give it to them!



Composite Image

I had a lot of fun with this composite image. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to combine the two images, but I decided that I would try it. I made two different images with the same idea. I had a lot of fun on photoshop and was able to use my previous skills to make this composite image.





8c: Themed Images







This was one of the more difficult projects that I have worked on! My theme did not turn out the way that I wanted in Bannock and I ultimately had lots of different themes going on! In the end, I decided to go with “wood” as my theme. There was a lot of very different types of wood, that for me was super fun to photograph! I also loved learning and experimenting with the photo grid layout as well as my signature! It was a very fun process!