Composite Image

I had a lot of fun with this composite image. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to combine the two images, but I decided that I would try it. I made two different images with the same idea. I had a lot of fun on photoshop and was able to use my previous skills to make this composite image.





8c: Themed Images







This was one of the more difficult projects that I have worked on! My theme did not turn out the way that I wanted in Bannock and I ultimately had lots of different themes going on! In the end, I decided to go with “wood” as my theme. There was a lot of very different types of wood, that for me was super fun to photograph! I also loved learning and experimenting with the photo grid layout as well as my signature! It was a very fun process!

9a: Photobook Layout

I have a very specific theme that I am trying to accomplish with my photobook. I want the back of my book to actually be just a plain white background with my contact information if I can! My ultimate goal is to go with clean and simple. I have chosen two of my favorite fonts to include in my photobook: Lemon Milk and Euphoneim. I really like the way these fonts compliment each other and help with the simplistic look I am going for.

I know I need to polish the pages so they look more finished, but I am excited to fit my photos into my categories and work on fitting those photos into the simple and clean theme.


photobook previewphotobook preview2photobook preview3photobook preview4photobook preview5photobook preview6photobook preview7

Bannack Best: Creative

Creative was something that was really hard for me! They did not turn out as well as I would have liked, but it was a fun process to try and think abstractly and outside the box about photography! It is not my strong suit, but I tried to do something that I wouldn’t normally photograph!

  1. Out of the BoxKierstenThompson-CreativeAbstract
  2. AbstractKierstenThompson-CreativeOutofthebox
  3. LevitationKierstenThompson-Levitationphoto