Portraits & Enhancements

I had so much fun taking portraits of people this week! I was able to learn a lot of new skills and improve my portraits just over a couple of days! I think one of the hardest things this week was posing my models. I had to try a bunch of different poses to get the portraits to not look as stiff. It was honestly hard to give my models direction and it is definitely something that I need to work on! Overall, I am happy with the photos I got this week and the things I have learned!

Portrait 1:Individual- Side Composition


Portrait 2: Individual-Head& Shoulders


Portrait 3: Individual-Full Body


Portrait 4: Group Activity


Portrait 5: Group Posed


Portrait 6: Individual Environmental Portrait


Portrait 7: Editing Portrait Enhancement 1

In this portrait I used the blemish corrector and the teeth whitening tool.


Portrait 8: Editing Portrait Enhancement 2

For this enhancement I used Blemish spot corrector tool on LightRoom


Portrait 10: Replace Color

KierstenThompsonReplaceColorTieIMG_6542 2





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