4A- Depth: Deep & Shallow

This week was definitely a struggle to get the photos that I truly wanted, but I feel that I was able to push myself to get photos that helped me learn more about f/stop and shutter speed, as well as the different depths of field. I am excited to learn more and have loved taking pictures so far. I liked the shallow depth of field pictures the most at first, but struggled to get the object I wanted in complete focus. It took a bunch of time to try and correct that problem. I was not a fan of deep depth of field, but the more I practiced the more I began to appreciate it and learn from my mistakes.


Florals| 5/3/17. 10:35am. Spori Quad.|FL 2.5 | 1/4000| 13|

Abbie| 5/7/17. 4:30pm. APT 403 yard.|FL 4.5 |  1/30| 11|

Leafy Green| 5/3/17. 10:35am. Spori Quad.|FL 2.5 | 1/60| 22|


Light Pole| 5/3/17. 10:35am. Spori Quad.|FL 2.5 | 1/500| 22|

Bountiful Place| 5/7/17. 6:30Pm. Gates Lounge.|FL 4.5 | 1/200| 22|



One thought on “4A- Depth: Deep & Shallow

  1. Hey Kiersten, good work with your pictures this week! You said that you were not fond of the deep depth of field pictures at first, but I really enjoy your last shot of the red brick building, it feel like a unique object to capture. Plus I really like the shot you got of the leaf, great work!

    My Blog: https://parkerogdenblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/depth-of-field-activity/
    Mikayla Clark: https://mikaylaclarkblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/deep-and-shallow-depth-of-field/


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