Photobook Design-2A

When creating my Photobook layout, my goal was to find photos that were simple and clean. I have realized through this project that I am drawn to minimalist photography with heavy white accents. I wanted to include this in my spread design as well. I was able to research different types of Photobooks that I like and based my design off of some of the ideas that I was able to find! I really like the simple nature of these photos and the design for my spread.


I legally used the pictures in my Photobook from

Links to Creditors:

Camila Demasio:

elizabeth lies:

Imani Clovis:

Ben Neale:

Scott Webb:



2 thoughts on “Photobook Design-2A

  1. Ha! this is SWEET! I love the minimalist approach and just all th white space that makes it feel so comfortable and pleasing to the eye. I think that will really help emphasize all the color or anything that you really want to make stick out will be super interesting. There is a lot of potential in this. I can definitely see some images that are desaturated except the focal point. That would be really cool and fun.

    Here’s a cool one I liked.

    And my blog:


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