Blog Post 11

Personal Project

For the last project of the semester, I had many different ideas! I wanted to make t-shirts for my volley ball team, but did not have enough time to get the design I wanted and I wanted to make a band t-shirt for my family because we are going to The Lumineers concert in August! But with the ever pressing time crunch, I got an even better idea! My best friend is getting married in August and her and her fiancee are sending out “Save the Dates”. I asked her if I could make them for this personal project and she could use them if she wanted. I ending up creating a post card, where they could save money on envelopes. It ending up being one of my favorite projects because of the personal nature of the project.

Save The Date H&LSave The Date H&L backside.jpg

As I created this postcard/ save the date, it was fun being able to work with my best friend and ask her opinion about which photos she liked and what color scheme she wanted to go with. She also helped me approve the fonts I chose and really was such a big help. I thought this was a fun experience because it helped me to get a taste of what having a real client would be like!

I have really enjoyed the things that I have been able to learn in Comm130 this semester. I know that learning illustrator, indesign, and photoshop is something that you learn overtime and no one ever really knows everything. I feel like with the help of this class, I have a really good base knowledge so I can continue to improve. Its been great being able to feel like I’m more creative than I actually thought.


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