Blog Post 10

BANGS Shoes Brochure

I absolutely have loved this project! It has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do on Indesign but has been so rewarding. I feel that I learned so much and I am so proud of the work that I have done.

I was able to learn a lot about the importance of alignment and how it creates a clean look on a brochure. My goal for my brochure was to have alignments that were simple and clean. The company that I was able to make this brochure for, has a theme that is free and adventurous. I wanted my brochure to demonstrate those things. I tried to make my brochure simple yet, showing the ideas of freedom and adventure. I feel that I was able to convey those principles, through correct alignment and contrast. I used sans serif fonts, because the company logo is a sans serif font and even though my text is not as contrasting as I hoped, I think that the font that I chose helped to convey the theme that I wanted.

From where my brochure started to where it is now, i feel that I was able to tap into my creativity and change my original idea and make it something even better. I was grateful for the suggestions that I was given and really tried to make it a brochure that would be different and creative, but also something that was pleasing to the eye and drew in outside interest. I was hesitant of putting tangible shoe laces on my project, but it ended up being one of my favorite parts of my project. I felt that it gave it a sense of uniqueness and helped to portray the idea that the brochure was a real shoe.




Top 3 Things Learned

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask friends for suggestions.

I really wanted others to like my brochure and be interested in the company I am creating it for. I was hesitant to ask my friends their thoughts, thinking they would totally crush my ideas, but they ended up having great insight, that really contributed to my project.

2. Don’t print things on campus.

I had a crazy time trying to print out my brochure and was so frustrated. I know that this is not probably a typical thing to put as something I learned but I was super grateful for this particular project to learn how helpful AlphaGraphic’s is! They are awesome and were so willing to help me until I printed a project I was satisfied with! Very grateful to know that AlphaGraphics is there!

3. I am creative

I have a really hard time believing that I am creative and have ideas worth sharing. This project taught me that although it may take me a little extra time to produce an idea that I actually enjoy, I am learning to be more creative and I just have to continue to expand my creativity and believe in myself. I also doubted my skills on indesign, but I learned a lot this week and felt that even if something seems hard, indesign has the capabilities to help me express my creativity.






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