Blog Post 9

The Essentials of Typography


This week I read about the importance of typography. I found it very interesting to think about the way that typing has changed over the past 50 years, but it is also sad to think that because we now just type on a computer, most of us are missing out on essentials of typography.

I learned the difference between monotype and proportional type. Monotype is when each word or type takes up the exact same amount of space. So, whether it be a period, space or an entire word, they take up the same amount of space. While Proportional type is what we are familiar with and the spaces in between words, punctuation and space are in proportion to one another and don’t take up as much space as monotype.

I also learned a new concept of kerning which is where you have to remove units of space between letters to create spacing in your typography that is visual appealing to the eye. I think it is so interesting the little things that we can do to our type, that can make it more visually appealing.


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