Blog Post 7

Business Cards

As I was brainstorming this week for my business cards I was able to find some awesome inspiration! As I went into different companies, whether that be a doctors office, restaurant, or clothing store, each of their business cards were different. I tried to research different types of business cards as much as I could and figure out what drew my attention, and what was unnecessary. Many of the business cards either had too much information, or not enough. Even when I was brainstorming and creating mine, I realized how fast the space can fill up and begin to look cluttered.

I also was able to notice that as I created my business cards in black and white, it was a lot easier to transfer over to color. When I did transfer them to color, I also saw that most of them I enjoyed more in black and white. There was some clarity and organization the less color I added. I also thought that the black and white caught my attention because of the contrast between the two colors. It also fits my ninja theme well!

I was able to see that as I created more and more business cards and my ideas started to flow and become more lucid. I felt that as I brainstormed more I also noticed what worked well, and what did not. Although all of my designs are no where near perfect, I really enjoyed the creative process and the progress I made to make my business cards more appealing.Business cards.jpg


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