Blog Post 6

Final Logo

This week as I focused on finishing my logo design I really wanted to maintain the simple aspect of my logo. That was something that was super important to me. I like the way simple logo’s draw your attention. I knew that I needed to revise my ninja star that was included in my logo. That was honestly the hardest part and I started to get really frustrated.

I spent about 2 hours looking up different types of ninja stars and recreating them on illustrator. It was really hard work, but I felt I became more familiar with Illustrator and I improved as time went on. As I created over 5 different ninja stars, I like the one that I picked for my final logo the best. It is simple but I like the appeal it gives. It gives “Ninja Jo’s” the feel I was going for.

The next thing I fixed was my font and the way I centered my text. I am very picky and so picking a font was not an easy task either. I was able to download a font on and I really liked the font I ended up with. It was super important that the font also went with the type of ninja star that I designed.

I am super proud of the progress I have made. Overall I like the black and white design the best, but was impressed with my color design as well. I like the contrast of both of the color and black and white designs. I think if I actually had to choose for a real store, I would still choose the black and white, because it gives off that ninja vibe that I am going for.




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